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About our Company
Thank you for visiting Express Polymers, Inc. staff has been in the concrete business for over 60
years. We have a knowledgeable sales, customer service and technical support team for all your repair and concrete preservation
The History Behind Express Polymers, Inc.
In 1946 Oscar M. Losego started Losego Construction Company, a concrete and masonry contractor with projects in the
Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York specializing in water treatment, commercial, manufacturing and
distribution facility construction. In 1961, GEO Drilling and Diamond Products, which primarily did diamond core drilling
and diamond core bit sales, was purchased by Oscar from Jim Barrett to diversify his established masonry company. Jim
moved to San Leandro, California and formed Barrett Diamond Products, a manufacturer of diamond core bits and blades,
and GEO Drilling eventually became part of Losego Construction Company.
In 1979, Kim D. Losego took over management of both businesses and made concrete cutting and drilling the company’s
primary focus. That same year, Kim opened Express Bit & Blade, Inc., a sales company for cutting, drilling and surface prep
tool sales, service and rentals. Losego Construction Company still prospers today under the name of EXPRESS SawCutters,
In 1999, Kim expanded once again with Express Polymers, Inc., a company built around concrete restoration and
preservation and highlighting a new product developed for NATO during the original Gulf war as a rapid runway repair. That
product eventually became what is known as Concrete Mender™.
“While working as a contractor on the demolition of Shippensport Nuclear Power facility I had been
introduced to Nelson Tonet, an engineer from Beaver Valley Nuclear. Nelson and I hit it off and he
suggested we team up to form a company that specialized in concrete repair and restoration,” states Kim
Losego. “Once I saw the power and versatility of Concrete Mender, I knew immediately that I wanted to
get involved. There was no other product like it on the planet. To this day Concrete Mender is still the
flagship product of Express Polymers”
Why Choose Express Polymers, Inc.
The combination of Express SawCutters, Express Bit & Blade and Express Polymers puts all three companies in a great
position to help customers.
Express Polymers is successful because of three key strategies:
  • We offer the fastest Return-to-Service concrete repair available
  • We’re are a one stop shop for our customers looking for concrete repair, restoration and preservation
  • We carry the finest crack and spall repair material on the planet – the only product PENDOT Bulletin 15 Approved!
Our Commitment to Excellence
Since the formation of Express Polymers, we have been committed to be the leaders in construction repair products that
provided a fast, simple, permanent way to preserve and maintain concrete slabs in warehousing, manufacturing, cold storage,
airports, highways and bridges. To meet our criteria, products have to be user and environmentally friendly. Green is not only
our brand-logo color… it’s in our DNA. Our products are produced by the leaders in their fields and have been selected for
some of the most challenging projects in the world.
Thank you again for visiting