Concrete Repair & Preservation




Slab to slab micro-doweling action, 10 Minute Concrete Mender, links concrete slabs together, locks them in place and allows for full-traffic, dynamic-load transfer, in 10 Minutes. This micro-doweling action is more compatible with concrete and less re-active in harsh environments than even Poly-coated re-bar. Millions of micro-dowels penetrate, then bridge and bond, side by side, broken and jointed slabs. Hairline cracks, trench wide cracks, irregular cracks, cured control joints and variable depth spalls are candidates for this amazing technology.

In Ten Minutes, @70F, this micro-doweled bond has the same compressive and shear strength as poured and fully cured concrete. This makes bond-line failures a thing of the past. Parallel re-cracking, often experienced when epoxies cure out, are eliminated with micro-doweling technology.

“Do one thing and do it very well,” is an old adage for success, we have engineered our products with that goal in mind. If you would like to repair your concrete and “do it very well” call us for a FREE demonstration at your site, on your floor, with your cracks, your spalls, your fork-lifts, your loadings, your people and within your budget.

Roadware distributors and their contractors, as well as plant engineers and property managers, have been micro-doweling concrete back together for ten years. Failures are so few we remember them. The last one we had was in Colorado, where a fork lift, loaded with liquid molten glass was trying to mount a railroad track using a cantilevered ramp made of 10 Minute Concrete Mender. That exception proves the rule: “You give us 10 Minutes with your broken concrete and we’ll give you ten years of working concrete back. Next year we’ll make it eleven.”


Core sample of concrete repaired with 10 Minute Concrete Mender™


Core sample photographed under UV light. Pink shows penetration of 10 Minute Concrete Mender™